Sony Ericsson's Success in the Market

Published: 12th May 2009
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One of the growing mobile phone manufacturers today is Sony Ericsson. By 2008, it was the fifth-largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world after Nokia, Samsung, LG and Motorola. According to free ads philippines sites, the sales of products largely increased due to the launch of the Walkman and Cyber-shot
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Types of Sony Ericsson Phones

Sony Ericsson's success in the market was fueled by concentrating on several key demands on mobiles phones such as music, camera, business (web and email), design, all-rounder, and budget focused phones. Its five largest categories are:

* The Walkman-branded W series music phones, launched in 2005. The Sony Ericsson W-series music phones are notable for being the first music-centric series mobile phones, prompting a whole new market for portable music that was developing at the time.

* The Cyber-shot-branded line of phones, launched in 2006 in newer models of the K series phones. This range of phones are focused on the quality of the camera included with the phone. Cyber-shot phones always include a flash, some with a xenon flash, and also include auto-focus cameras.

* The BRAVIA-branded line of phones, launched in 2007 Japan market only. BRAVIA branded phone are able to watch 1seg terrestrial television.

* The UIQ smartphone range of mobiles, introduced with the P series in 2003 with the introduction of P800. They are notable for their touchscreens, QWERTY keypads (on most models), and use of the UIQ interface Platform from Symbian OS. This has since expanded into the M series and G series phones.

* The Xperia range of
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had opened the door for integration of Windows Mobile Operating System into Sony Ericsson powerhouse smartphones. XPERIA was the first trademark promoted by the Sony Ericsson as its own and is designated to provide technological convergence among its target user base.

Other Features Unique with Sony Ericsson Phones

During E3 2007 Media and Business Summit, Phil Harrison, Sony CEO showcased a Sony Ericsson phone using the PlayStation's XMB. A select group of phones are also said to integrate into PlayStation Home (final product).

During the announcement of Sony Ericsson K850, W960 and W910. Some review sites have shown that those mentioned phones sport a new media manager to replace the standard Sony Ericsson File Manager which possesses a UI that resembles the XMB interface found on Sony PS3 and PSP products. The mobile developer site confirmed from their spec sheets and white papers that the XMB media manager is standard to the phones running Java Platform 8 also known as A200 Platform.

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